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SMASH! I think this is the Japanese version or possibly a very nice piece of fan art.


Abstraction is a type of simplification.

comics work because of visual illusions. The gutters use this kind of illusion by forcing you to imagine what happens between scenes rather than using another frame to display it. This is often used to avoid graphic violence and allows to imagine it a gruesomely as the audience cares to (blood in the gutter). This use of imagination is called “participation” by McCloud. Participation is very important in comics because in order to tell a lot without an excessive amount of frames the author has to trust in the reader’s ability to fill in blanks.

Transitions are an important part of panel-to-panel play. One can use moment-to-moment, action-to-action, etc. Also there are non-sequitur transitions where panels seemingly have no relation but by putting them together the author forces the audience to connect them by stretching their imagination.

The shape and size of panels affect how the reader understands time and action. EX: The longer a panel is the longer the amount of time associated with it is. comics usually read from left to right and that is presented as the progress of time. However, when the panels are presented in a less organized manner it can makes the progress of time less obvious and allows comic writers to play tricks on the reader.


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An aesthetic response is a response to art and it should be appreciated. You should get pleasure from art. Doesn’t work with tragedy. However, something horrible described beautifully can be pleasurable.

We don’t call the animals we eat by their names. EX: we call cow beef, chicken poultry,        and crustaceans ROFLobsters.

Cartoon is a style of art that amplifies though simplification. By focusing on certain details those characteristics are emboldened. Also, by eliminating details the audience can more easily project themselves onto the characters and thus feel empathetic or relate to the characters more easily.

Humans put faces on everything. JAWSOME!

Icons are images that resemble what an object actually is.

symbol is an abstract idea embodied by an image. Like the American flag.

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