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More extra lives

Essentially if you boil down the chapter, Headshots, was about how many if not most people aren’t that excited about story lines, themes or plots in games. Most people are more concerned about game play and don’t focus much on the narrative.

Sophistication is a way to separate yourself from the lower class.

More explanation doesn’t necessarily mean a better narrative. This is a basic concept of communication: more words are not necessarily equivalent to clearer communication.


Takes place in Rapture: an underwater environment

Big daddy protects little sisters

first person shooter

can use plasmas which is a type of magic

adam gives you more powers and are possessed by little sisters

little sisters can be harvested or rescued:

Harvest: Killing. You take out their adam producing slugs

Rescue: If you rescue enough little girls you get perks later on. You get level adam.

Your goal is to get out of Rapture




Extra lives chapter 1

Braid has space time forward and backward. THis is strange because it is actually a sidescroller which is traditionally 2D so considering it 4D is interesting.

It is uncertain what you are doing throughout the game and thus there is an element of ambiguity. Your actions matter because you try to reverse them. Most games have no doubt/uncertainty because your character has a clear and good path. However, in braid that is unclear and that makes your actions have more questionable consequences.

“For the blogs; I want some of me and some of u2.” – Dr. Laura C. Mandell


“I hate Melville.” –  Dr. Laura C. Mandell

Jane Austin brought novels into the world. REALLY BORING ONES! BOOM ROASTED!

Good guys/Bad guys are an industrial process created by evil corporate hollywood to control the minds of the ignorant masses.

Back story and plot given at the beginning of Fallout 3 but it involves you in the game more than throwing you into the action immediately.

Dialogue was lacking but the visuals were beautiful. Redundancy and cliche characters were abundant.

“The game is not the experience, but allows for the experience.” This is a cool concept because unlike a book which can only be read one way a video game can allow you the experience the narrative in a myriad of ways. You can skip things or do things in a different order and that alters the experience significantly.

Games should be great art but do they need to be?

Art should be everywhere. If video games are art then spending time on them is justifiable.

Games don’t require solid narrative to be a good game.


1 player game. play as wander. Focused on a huge game world and fight 16 giant bosses. Very minimal narrative however connection with protagonist is strong. The horse is Wander’s best friend. Wander is trying to get to the forbidden land to resurrect a woman.


Braid was developed by Jonathan Blow and he funded it entirely.

Water splash art style

side scrolling platform with time element. This looks incredibly cool because your character, Tim can slow down time, reverse time, etc.

Before every level their are books that tell his narrative.

The game is about saving the princess and reversing a mistake that Tim made. The first level is actually the last level because it reveals his mistake.

Each level utilizes a different element of time.

The game secretly about creating the atom bomb.

There are two endings to the game and one can only be viewed if you get the hidden stars.




Literature parallels gaming because you have to fill in information.

The most interesting aspect of chapter two was the revelation that Katamari Damacy takes an aspect that appears in almost every video game, gathering, and makes it the entire game. Most people consider the gathering element of games to be boring or even annoying if the storage system is frustrating. That’s why Katamari Damacy is such a paradox because it is incredibly entertaining and fun even though it is essentially only gathering.

HUD – heads up display


4 groups

Human = good guys

Covenant = bad guys

Forerunners = All dead. They created the halos.

The flood = Super evil guys

Main actions: Shoot, run, jump, throw grenades, switch weapons, reload, etc.

Has a great soundtrack and good cut scenes.