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Black box is when you can’t see the code.

white box is when the code is visible or transparent.

Metaphors we live by: Metaphors are a part of ordinary language

Time is a commodity according to “spending time”

Love is something you “fall” into because it is uncontrollable

defamiliarization – look at the structures through which you think in different lights

War on drugs = drugs are the enemy that needs to be fought

Drug addiction = drugs are an illness that needs to be cured

Games are the models of how the world works giving possibilities of actions

Mario Kart puts the gamer into a state of mind that winning is everything. Even if you have to injury your competition it is crucial to finish ahead of them. This encourages both violence and a selfish winner takes all mentality.

Shells represent how to stop or make things more difficult for the people ahead of you

Banana’s are used to screw up people behind you so that they can’t catch up to you.

Rather than traditional racing games where more skilled driving wins it is who is most sneaky, backhanded, and immoral that succeeds. This is how capitalistic society often works.


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Not following procedures can have different results ranging for very good to very bad.

Processes describe the way things work. Methods, technique, and logics

Anything that can convey meaning is rhetoric.

rhetoric conveys a claim or argument

procedure: ways of engaging with processes.

procedural rhetoric: techniques or methods for persuasion. (For computers it is with computational systems)

ideology was used negatively by Napoleon, Engles, and Marks.  false consciousness. Way of perceiving the world that blocks out some portion of reality.

If you think about reality as ideological then there is something opposed called truth.

People want to see other perceptions and that could make them change their own outlook

Argument 1:


“Smoking is dangerous”

Argument 2:


“Only you can prevent forest fires”

Paula, AJ, Mike, Kevin, and Jonathan

Is there anything human that is not a biological or cultural procedure?

No. Anything a human does is biological. It is like arguing that things are unnatural. Everything is natural nothing is spawned from other worldly elements and same with all human actions are biological.

Potentially alien abduction would not be a biological or cultural procedure because no human knows the procedure that occurs upon such an event. However, an actually abduction has never occurred and thus this is only a theory.

The Sims

Basically you get to control people, known as sims, and make them interact. Their is no set goals so what happens in the game is entirely based on what you decide. Basically it is a Sand-box game.

The Sims is all about expansions. You don’t have to get every expansion but you need the original (1,2 or 3) to get expansions that accompany that version.

The Sims is a medium to express yourself and tell different stories. There is a big community of people that share what they’ve done with The Sims (narrative or modifications)

You can create your own game inside the game such as making a legacy family where you need to have 10 generations of sims live in a house

Sims 1:

90 degree movement

camera was difficult to control

1 lot

Sims 2:

movement more fluid

Sims 3:



plumb-bob shows which sim you are controlling (it hovers over head)

video grab software included to allow you to create your own stories.

Sims 2 had content manager tool and Home crafter tool to allow in-game adjustment of the game.