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Beta video response

More specific examples 

Show how people are using it today

Layar – augmented reality browser 

Google sky is a good app to show

Begin with where our abilities are at now

End with the potential of the future

Potentially add subtle music

Show more of what is lost with the addition of all encompassing augmented reality 

Bowing with augmented reality and plane design/building/fixing

Virtual reality is related

2pac hologram

PSP/3DS camera 


beta video

Recommendations for video

Improve transitions or make more consistant

Add music (possibly nefarious or scary movie sounds) 

Make voice over clearer, louder, and without the slip-ups. 

Extend intro because image is difficult to understand. Also, start with an image of the glasses

Shorten clips because they drag a little, potentially speed them up

Explain augmented reality in my own words.

Opening with something that grabs the viewer, to the future is here today. Hook the audience in immediately.

Recommendations by:

Annie, Katy, Gabby, Matt, Kate, and Jason

alpha video

Calendar for video creation

Thursday 4/12: Begin script and determine clips for introduction/first 3rd  of the video

Friday 4/13: Finish Script and determine clips for second 3rd  of the video.

Sunday 4/15: Determine clips for final 3rd and have introduction to what augmented reality is finished (probably first 20-30 seconds)

Monday 4/16: Finish first 3rd of the video (1 minute)

Tuesday 4/17: Finish second 3rd of the video complete

Wednesday 4/18: Finish third 3rd of the video and try to polish it

Thursday 4/19: Apply feedback to video

content for final video×308.png

Final project idea

I plan on making my final project about augmented reality and how it changes both human interaction and understanding of the physical world. I want to address the pros and cons of devices such as Google’s Project Glass ( and consider how weaving virtual images into our vision will change the way we see the world. It occurs to me that items such as glasses with displays could make life easier but could also make life more complicated. The amount of distractions we encounter in the physical plane is already growing as advertising become more and more acceptable in all facets of American life, and to have access to a visual stimulation at all times seems like it could be both dangerous and unpredictable in the early stages.

I also want to discuss augmented reality games. Because these games make the real world into the playing field it may become difficult to separate one from other. Where should the line be drawn because an augmented reality Grand Theft Auto would be the ultimate defense in court of “the game made me do it”.

As we blend virtual reality and physical reality we lose the majesty that is our world. Being somewhere and visiting a place on Google earth will gradually become the same thing and eventually the need for a real physical world will diminish.

            I will use iMovie to create my video and plan on using footage from the web and footage I take myself. I will be narrating the video myself. I have already read a few articles about Google’s project glass and I intend to purchase a few augmented reality iphone games to play, figure out, and potentially film myself playing. The games I intend to use are Firefighter 360, TagDis, and AR Soccer ( I also would like to include the app Type n Walk ( in my video.

            My audience is intended to be busy people that use a lot of technology and find it hard to exist without it. My final lesson is meant to give credit to the real world and ask people to look around and appreciate the world for what it is and not try to turn it into something else.