My purpose for creating my video was to inform people about the existence of augmented reality programs and devices. I think it will definitely become a prominent part of our society eventually, and because it is a term that is isn’t exactly self-explanatory I wanted to make a video that would make it easy to understand. The audience I intended it for was a fairly broad age range but I think it would be good for older generations to see because I think my video is a clear and simple way to see what new technology will be capable of. I didn’t want to include fast paced synthesized music or futuristic movie clips that could be considered controversial so that all ages could view it. I know there are many people young and old that are prone to having adverse reactions new technology and I think my piece is perfect for gently explaining how augmented reality may become more prevalent in the world.  

            My project is critical of the main questions of the class, particularly of how technology changes culture and human interaction. It provokes thought about how future technology will affect our lives and asks if that is necessarily a positive thing.

            I tried to arrange the video clips I used to correspond to the script I originally wrote. The message that augmented reality could potentially become dangerous and evolve into a catalyst for violence. To do this I showed three clips that became increasingly real and said, “one scenario could evolve into the next”.

            The only sound I used was my own voice in order to avoid any copyrighted issues from that. In terms of the images and videos I cited everything I used in the credits and used no more than ten seconds of video from any particular video.

            In terms of revisions, I used a voice over that had a tone of negativity originally but ended up changing my tone to one that is more friendly and inquisitive. I decided to go for less of a fear inspiring video and decided I would focus on informing the viewers to make their own choice. Initially I wanted to make the argument that augmented reality is dangerous but found that the video made more sense without that bias. I also added more clips of specific applications. If I had more time to work on this video I would consider adding in more transitions, I had some transitions but I didn’t feel they added much to the overall quality of the movie but perhaps if I had more time to consider what kind and where to put some I could make the movie more fluid in some places.

            The first important thing I learned in this class was iMovie. I didn’t really have much experience with it previously and now I feel very confident with my ability to create projects using it. The second important thing I learned was to consider how the disabled adapt to technology. I never previously considered blind people using the Internet and it is both fascinating and important to remember that not everyone has all their senses and that can effect they way they use technology. The third important thing I learned was that they are building robots that can imitate and identify emotions and expression. That knowledge inspired my most recent idea for a script that I am enamored with presently.